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As the leading provider of drug testing solutions worldwide for over 12 years, we're the trusted company for over 900,000 customers. we are dedicated to helping you pass any drug test, the right way. It is private, effective, and easy!

We do not re-sell cheap detox drinks that are now detectable by most testing labs in the United States. The majority of all detox drinks sold today do nothing but dilute your urine, whereas our detox drinks do not dilout your urine. You will pee clean. Don't risk getting a diluted test result caused by most detox products that are sold in stores. We carry exclusive permanent detoxification kits and heavy duty, same day cleansers for serious consumers who understand this is not a purchase to be taken lightly. All of our products come with easy to use directions and phone support to make sure you pass your drug test.

Ultra Cleanse Shampoo

Ultra Cleanse Shampoo has been specially formulated to remove all toxins from the hair. More Info

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo removes all toxins from your hair, enabling you to pass your test. More Info

Home Hair Test Kit

Home Hair Test Kit HairConfirm is the perfect drug testing solution. More Info

Cleanses your body from any toxin permanently. Avalible in various strengths for different situations... More Info

Power Flush Detox Tea

Power Flush Detox Tea is effective and proven to remove toxins from the body. More Info

Daily Pretox Capsules

Daily Pretox Capsules Helps to accelerate the elimination of toxins. More Info

Detox Drink

Detox Drink is the ultimate carbohydrate based liquid detox agent. More Info

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic Urine designed to protect your privacy during a urinary drug test. More Info

1-Panel Drug Test

1-Panel Drug Test One-step tests accurately detects drug metabolites. More Info

Total Body Cleansers & Permanent Detox Kits

The Supreme Klean Permanent Detox Kits is one of the most efficient ways to ensure you clean your blood, urine, and saliva of any toxins deemed illicit by drug testing. These toxins include those caused by the use of marijuana, amphetamine, cocaine, opiate and benzodiazepine. The permanent testing kits work well because they are tailored specifically to the amount of toxins and the weight of the consumer. For example, we have a 5-day program made specifically for the light toxins caused by infrequent drug use; we also have a 30-day program made for chronic drug users and those that are above average weight.

Pass a Drug Test - Additional Products & Methods

However, the previously listed products aren't the only successful Methods. Other methods are more unconventional but still highly successful methods include the usage of laboratory manufactured synthetic urine that goes by the name of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine. This synthetic urine is a substitute for your own urine during an unsupervised drug test. Ths product is 100% successful and we have NEVER recorded a failure with this product.

Furthermore, as a measure of good-faith to our consumers we provide those who purchase our products with a money back guarantee.


We at know how important passing your drug test is, that is why we only carry the best detox products on the market. We also provide to you an additional method of reassurance & unprecedented level of customer service that is not matched anywhere else in the passing drug test industry.

One call to our customer service and you'll see that we truly care & understand the critical importance of passing . Our testing technicians have years of experience and want nothing more than to see you pass your drug test. We love testimonials and would like nothing more then to hear back from you when you pass.

Commonly found drug substances not only harm drug abusers’ health but also deny their social & economic rights. If you apply for a job but you are with Drug Pass Product Test Without any valid report, you cannot qualify for it. Some people think that they can go it Without using the detoxification products. They can do it but they will have to give up drug addiction for long duration. At the same time, they are not sure about beating because there is no surety for the removal of drug substances despite the fact of stopped drug addiction.

There is no need to indulge into fake cleansing methods when you can easily opt for our products. Our variety of detox products lets you choose the most effective one for you. If you find it difficult to buy the best cleansing formula, one of our lab techs can prescribe the safest Program to fit your needs. Always keep in mind that your health is precious to you and its maintenance is as important as life itself. Constructive thinking of drug abusers will ultimately lead abusers towards the guaranteed detoxification products.

Detox Drug Testing is not a humiliating process rather this is a struggle against drugs. When a person is healthy, he can perform his duties better than those who remain under their intoxicating effects. After experiencing Detox Products, once in your life, you cannot ignore its importance for your health & professional life as well.

If you agree with the suggestion of getting updated information, you will have to go to a lab technician to fulfill your objective. If you take a lot of juices, fresh air & rest, of course you will enjoy maximized benefits of detox programs. Anyhow, you will have to stop using alcohol and you should keep up this practice until after the day arrives. Alcohol abusers can get satisfaction from the pleasant experience of going through the Screening process after consuming the recommended cleansing products. Before going for saliva alcohol screening procedure, consumption of Alcohol Strip proves helpful. If you have ever tried traditional method of detoxification, you can easily trace an obvious difference between the modern-day detoxification brands and ordinary homemade cleansing remedies. If you determine detoxification, you can try it successfully but your reliance over the guaranteed detoxification products is must. You can also measure the intensity of addiction in your system with the simple application of detoxifiers. This is in your access to handle long-term body purification using recommended products. The more conscious you are for the Screening process, the more chances of successful professional life you win. You may take natural diet detox to cleanse your system but it may take more time than your expectations. For rapid purification purposes, you should try approved cleansing brands like Detox drink, Pretox Boost & many more. All these cleansing products can be bought at very low prices. You can get information regarding these detoxification brands from the lab techs or experts. In case of dissatisfaction, you can make online search to find out the best detoxification method.

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