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About Cocaine Drug Testing

cocaine drug testing

Cocaine is a stimulant, which gives an intense feeling of power and energy. Then it wears off giving a depressing feeling as a result. Precisely, it is a drug which makes someone gets hooked very easily, giving a great damage to our body system. Cocaine- also known as crack, snow, flake, is an illegal and illicit drug. To make sure if a person has not used cocaine, cocaine urine drug test can be carried out.

How long will it take for cocaine to clear out of the urine?

This question is very common. The digestion of cocaine has different impacts on people depending on their health and way of adaptation. Firstly, cocaine is metabolized very fast in our body. When the cocaine is detected in our urine it is actually a metabolite form of cocaine, also known as Benzoylecgonine.

Secondly, few studies claim that cocaine lasts in the body for a longer period of time among majority who take a high dose of cocaine and mostly are addicted since a long time period. Generally, Benzoylecgonine is present for approximately 2-4 days, but it can prolong to 12 days in overindulged users.

About Drug Testing for Cocaine

Cocaine drug tests are carried out like normal urine drug test which detects the amount of drug molecules in our body. This drug testing is commonly used by employers to determine the eligibility of people they have to hire. People who take cocaine usually try other alternatives to pass a cocaine urine drug test, such as diluting up the urine or tampering with the sample. If you consume massive amounts of water before the drug test, the lab will label the sample as diluted and will not be tested. Excessive amount of dilution will lower the specific gravity and creatinine level of your urine making it ineligible for the drug test.

How do I pass a Cocaine Drug Test?

Products like our 7-Day Total Body Cleanser and our The Stuff Chewable can be used for passing your drug test. On a brighter side, there is always our Synthetic Urine Kit to help you pass the drug test. We guarantee it could beat any of the urine tests. Synthetic pee is mixed with warm water and produced at body temperature. The only thing you have to do is maintain the urine temperature, shake it up, and take it to the test.

In either case, the chances of risk are alive. In some cases, you're under observation or the toilet's water is tinted so there is no chance to use the fake pee for your drug test. Moreover, the laboratory administration usually checks you from head to toe, so there are fewer chances to carry a urine kit with you. You can check the items mentioned above for the cocaine urine drug test.

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