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How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

Marijuana contains a chemical known as THC which is the short form of Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a chemical found in Cannabis plant, which is also known as Marijuana. Usually, a THC test is a kind of detection test, where the donor has to give a sample of body fluid such as urine or blood or hair to the drug-testing center.

The testing of the sample is either on-site or sent to a laboratory for more in-depth results. On-site THC drug test gives quantitative results. These results along with the laboratory results are together called as confirmative THC test results.

Methods to Pass a THC Drug Test

There are many ways to effectively pass a marijuana drug test. These methods include urine tampering, drinking plenty of water, using urine additives or urine substitution such as our Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine Kit.

You may also take high doses of Aspirin to pass a THC drug test. However, avoid consuming Aspirin just a day before the test, as it may be fatal. Take aspirin for around a week before the test. This helps when you have to give your urine sample in front of an authorized testing individual.