It will not be difficult for you to learn how do you pass a swab drug test. However, in order for you to do so, the environment in your mouth is going to need to be just right. Fortunately, this type of drug test is one of the easiest to beat. Of course, the easiest way to pass this type of test is to abstain from alcohol and drugs altogether, but at the very least, you will need to make sure that you do not use them for 72 hours in advance of your test Here are some of the products that help you pass your upcoming Swab Drug Test.

First and foremost, ignore the lab orders if you have been told not to eat or drink anything prior to your test. In fact, eating a high fat meal, approximately one hour before you test, will actually speed up the rate that the drugs would move away from mouth and move their way towards being digested. Eat and drink just like you normally would. You don’t want to give them any assistance in proving your guilt. That is solely their responsibility to do so.

Secondly, did you know that sucking on Altoid mints will actually mask the presence of some drugs in your saliva. Laboratory studies have proven that the chemical properties of Altoids can actually be effective in masking the presence of THC in your saliva. Keep a package of this mints on you on the day of your drug test and suck on them routinely until the actual time of you swab drug test.

The next step in learning how do you pass a swab drug test is to practice proper oral hygiene. The morning of your test, make sure that you thoroughly brush your teeth, floss, and gargle with mouthwash. If your test will be in the afternoon, then you may need to repeat the process after lunch. Afterwards, chewing on ice can keep your mouth freshly rinsed and lubricated.

Consider investing in a cleansing is the home of the Supreme Klean Detox Mouth Wash. This popular product is extremely effective, and they offer a 200% money back guarantee for you in the unlikely event that the product does not work. It is one of the few guaranteed methods for how do you pass a swab drug test. After using the mouthwash, your saliva will be clean from the presence of all toxins for 30-40 minutes.

Learning how do you pass a swab drug test is not difficult if you are prepared. If you indulge in a little recreational activity during your off work hours, that is no one’s business but yours. However, don’t leave things to chance! Take the appropriate measures today and visit our website test and be able to pass your upcoming drug test with confidence.